Global and Regional Trends in the Technology Sector, Media And Telecommunications (TMT) for 2018

Avr 12, 2018


Workshop room


Deloitte Tunisia is organizing the 5th edition of its annual conference on the presentation of global and regional trends in the technology, media and telecommunications (TMT) sector for 2018 “. This presentation sheds light on the key trends affecting the sector in the next 12 to 18 months worldwide and in the region.
On this occasion, Deloitte will present the results of its first edition of its annual barometer of the digital maturity of African companies.

10h00: Welcoming & Installation of participants
10h15 :
• Introductory speech
• Deloitte Presentation “TMT Predictions 2018”
• Presentation of the Deloitte Barometer of the Digital Maturity of African Companies
11h15: Exchange with participants
12h00: Final competition SITIC BAMA2018 (

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